Thursday, April 27, 2017

1st Grade Artist Using the App Seesaw for Reflection

Clay goes through so much.  It is built, in this case, by 1st-grade hands. The fragile little things have to dry... in an Art room where 800 kids come through it every week. It is fired... with a couple hundred other projects also made by elementary Artist. Given back to the 1st-grader to paint and finish.  For this project, we also made a great home for our bugs, so it's often played with a bit before wrapping it up.  Once this is all done... it goes home!! Oh, that doesn't mean it's safe.  This little bug gets jammed into a backpack and gets a ride on the bus.  Often the exciting project is celebrated with friends while on the bus, taken out of the bag and paraded around. It then, if still alive, will be eagerly presented to someone at home with great excitement.  If you have a clay work of art at home from a young Artist, be sure to appreciate it just a little more after reading this :) 

Before students bring their clay home I have asked them to share a short reflection on Seesaw (just in case). I wanted to share a couple of examples.

After the reflection, students wrapped it up and I held my breath as they brought these to their lockers. Fingers crossed... Hope they make it safely home :) 


  1. Awesome! First grade teachers use SeeSaw all the time in their classrooms and now you've given me a way to use it in my art room!!!! Thanks!

    1. We use SeeSaw in each grade to make our digital portfolios! Just ask to be added to the homeroom's class as a teacher and the students can take a picture of every project for their parents to see (and share!). The older kids use the caption function to reflect on each piece and then can comment and get feedback from peers.