Sunday, September 24, 2017

Seesaw Uploading for Kindergarten

This is the third week of school for me and there are so many fun activities happening in my class that I can't wait to shout it from the rooftops.  The best way for me to do this is via Seesaw.  This is the strongest tool in my classroom for advocacy!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been sharing class happenings of the Art Room by recording the action my self and sending it to all parents with just a couple quick steps. Now I want to put this in the hands of my students and what better place to start, but with my Kindergarteners. 

Here's the deal, I set up my station ahead of time.  I show them the big job of coloring that is required.  I tell them they have to get rid of all the 'white spots' and they must ask three before asking me.  When they get three 'yes's' they can come on up and upload their art to Seesaw.

As the K's make it up to me one at a time I walk them through the process. This is my most training I have to do for Seesaw, so I take the time to talk to each student, bring them through the process, and celebrate after they have posted their artwork for their parents to see. 

In one of my classes, I lost my job. This little K was more interested in helping her peers than she was interested in playtime.  I gave her the rule that she could not do it for the students but rather guide with her words and pointing.  She taught the majority of the class how to upload their own work to Seesaw. Talk about empowering students! 

Here is the setup for the unloading station. We were so lucky to receive these 'Justand Tall' iPad stands by ProComputing Products, through curriculum review.  I have an IKEA end table for the base. It is the perfect height for the littles and the stand is incredibly sturdy. I have placed the stations by outlets so I can have the iPad plugged in if needed. I plan to have the stations available at all times for the students to upload their work to Google Drive, Schoology, and/or Seesaw.

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