Saturday, April 28, 2018

Watermelon Weavings

I love weaving with 1st grade! Here is the paper weaving that I did this year with my 1st grade... Watermelon Weavings! 

To start the lesson I had them weaving with their body. 

This year I taught this lesson over two days.  In the video below you can see how I broke it down. Every time you see 'Your Turn' I would send the kids to their seats to 'do' then they came back to the carpet for the next instruction! Lots of movement in this lesson. 

We went BIG with these weavings! I like doing weavings over two days so I can see who need a little extra help. As they turn in their work on day one, I put them in two piles. Day two, they watch the weaving portion again and I hand back the weavings. The 'needs help' pile, I have sit by me on the carpet until I see they are able to be successful on their own. I have found this also give the 1st-grade brain a little time to let it soak in. They always do better the second day.

As I mentioned, I LOVE weaving with kids so I have plenty of weaving lessons in past posts

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  1. Thank you Nicole, this is just the inspiration I needed to do weaving again with my little ones!