Sunday, May 13, 2018

Clay Week 2018- Tracy Hare

Clay week 2018 was a success! In the next couple of days, I will be sharing the events of the week and the finished products of Clay Week 2018. As some of you know, I'm allergic to clay. I miss working with it so badly, and perhaps I could with just a little itchiness... and slightly puffy eyes. But when I work with class after class in an Art Education way... My eyes swell shut and I have respiratory issues. The last couple of years I have exchanged with another teacher in my district (see previous posts). This year, I invited a fellow Art Teacher into my class as an Artist in Residence!

Tracy Hare is an experienced Art Teacher at Becker Middle School in Becker Minnesota. I have known Tracy professionally and admired her work for years. As I took the job at Prairie View Elementary and Middle School, I learned that I was going to be teaching her kids. How exciting! Mrs. Hare took a year off to pursue other avenues in her life, but it gave her a flexible schedule this year. I proposed a Visiting Artist situation and she excepted... and I'm so glad that she did. 

Tracy visited my classroom for a 6-day rotation working with the elementary students. Because our Middle School portion runs on a quarterly schedule. I was not able to offer them the clay experience.   She worked with K-5th grade and did a different project with every grade level. I can't wait to share the 6 lessons that she did with the kids and a few tips and tricks on the finishing on the projects. 

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