Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Friendship Circles

Continuing on with the Art to Remember Fundraiser Plans, I also plan to make a Collaborative Project with some of my middle-level students. I have never tried this with a fundraiser before, but I think it's going to be a hit.

Start the conversation with:
If you choose to, you can work in small groups to create this work of art. When we make art together we call it Collaborative Artwork. We will have fun working as a team to come up with color combinations and sometimes this isn’t going to be easy. Talk about different ways to create conflict resolutions before working as a group.

Once we create part of this project together, we will then take the pages apart from each other, and some shapes and lines to make designs on our own work.  The colors and circles will unite the works to one another, but the designs will make your portion of the design unique.

For this lesson, I'm playing with some old and new mediums for my classroom.  The part that brings out the most color on this project is the Kwik Stix. I love using this medium with all ages... it covers so smooth and it creates such bold colors. I also tried some Japanese Posca Pens in my class.  I can't wait to give it a try.  We'll see how the kids do :)  Finally, I'm using my good old permanent markers as well.
1. Tape two sheets of paper together on the back, use painters tape so it can easily be removed.

2. As a team, use a pencil to fill the pages with a variety of circles.

3. As a team, use your paint sticks to fill the circles in using a variety of colors

4. Separate the two pages.
5. Individually, use the paint markers and permanent markers to add shapes and lines to make designs.

I plan on showing students that their art is strong apart, or together. This would be a fun project to get 'dog tag necklaces' from A2R. See if they purchase this charm, they can keep one charm and give the other side to the friend... kind of like an art style 'broken-heart necklace' that you would share with a friend... just cooler, because it's their Art!

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