Friday, December 21, 2018

Brushes Redux Ornament

For the last week, I have been teaching my 2nd through 5th graders an introduction to an App Called Brushes Redux. It's my favourite free drawing app by far. I love putting this app in my student's hands so if they want to download it at home, there is no charge. 

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This lesson was very focused on a couple of technology systems.  I believe you don't teach an App, you teach the systems the app uses. In this case, the BIG one is using layers.  Layers will be found in any Art based program such as illustrator, photoshop, and so on... if students as young as 8 can start learning the power of layers, they can have higher success later in their education career when they are in classes such as media and TechEd in our district. 

The lesson above is what was taught to the kids. It will most certainly have to be paused if used, I go through the information fast.  Every student was amazed and focused during. When you listen to the way I taught, think of what other subjects you could create with your students as the school year continues. Trust me, your kids will love this app (and so will you).

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