Sunday, November 29, 2020

Ew, David : Plastic Canvas Sweater Magnet

My sister pulled out a little box of magnets the last time I visited. She showed me a great aunt on her husbands side gave her little magnets sewed on plastic canvas for each holiday. She explained that when she received them she didn't appreciate it the same way she does now... that she is older... and wiser. I thought I would send her a pick-me-up and started making some magnets to add to her collection featuring some of our favorite shows. For starts... $chitts Creek!  Check out the video for full instructions. Drawings below are my attempt at a pattern. Maybe you can make one for someone special this year for Christmas. 

Cut a black plastic canvas to 27 spaces by 34 spaces.

Trim down the plastic to create the shape of the sweater. Starting from each side helps to stay even. For example, cut the shoulder triangle on the right, then on the left. Then move into the center cut for the top of the sweater. 

This is an image of what the plastic will look like.

Start with the white yarn creating the words. If the first line on the left is number one... count to the seventh to start the 'D' for David. Likewise, if the bottom is number 1, count up to the number 9 to find the base of all the letters of David. These letters were created in a cross stitch motion.

Filling in the black in this chevron pattern helps the texture appear more like a sweater. 

Finish the black with a whip stitch around the edge of the of the sweater shape will create a finished look. 

Use white, place lines to separate the sleeves and add the classic 'David' lighting bolts to the top of the sweater. 


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