Monday, May 24, 2021

Fun Frogs

A great lesson for beginning Artist.

I was inspired by a post I saw on Instagram by Alison Gerke (@ghouseart) showing some very sweet frogs by her Kindergarten. That sparked this lesson for me...

Day 1: Students practiced drawing frogs. First on whiteboards and then on their watercolor paper. It's important to have a high quality paper for this lesson... Watercolor paper or Mixed Medium paper works best. I have a FREE step-by-step resource page on my TPT page.

Day 2: Students first colored their background with crayons.  This included the sky, water, and lily pad. We talked about craftsmanship quite a bit. Students were instructed to do a peer assessment getting 3 people to say 'no white-spots' before considering themselves finished.

Student then used two 'juicy' markers to add two colors of spots all over the frog. The more dots the better!! We briefly talked about color theory and the color wheel using colors that are 'neighbors' to each other. 

Then students used water to blend the spots together with a brush. This is always magic for the students. 

And then the final results... 

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