Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On Cassie Stephen's Blog

I was mentioned on one of my favorite blogs... Cassie Stephen's revealed her Apron Sew Along.  There are so many cute little aprons on this post.  What I like is the variety of aprons to match the many personalities that make up the art teacher world.  I love how it truly takes all kinds to make this world rock and roll.  I was reminded of this again today as I invited the special education team into my classroom for our PLC.  One of the teachers commented that she loved my color coded everything, it made her feel happy.  The next simply said, "Well, there are many languages of love, I guess."  This world would only work with a good balance of all!

Featured Monster (Medium)

I started my Featured Monster of the week (well actually I'm on a 6 day rotation so it's a bit more than a week).  Anyway, in the hallway I have the monster and their bio.  The kids can visit this monster and get the answer before class... or show their classmates later in the week after they have art.  I wanted to make this interactive so you can see the pick paper can be lifted to give the answer.

As students enter the room they will see the monster highlighted on the wall as well as on my screen saver.  I read the bio to every class and ask them if they know the medium.  It has been really great to see all levels really relate to this activity.  It only takes about three minutes as students are trickling in from bathrooms and so forth.  I'm really happy with this activity thus far.

How am I going to keep up with this?  I already have all the bios done (click here).  The monsters are hanging and the arrow is ready to be moved around.  The bios are printed off and the screensaver images are saved on my desk top.  I also have all the mediums for under the pink sheet printed off.  I wanted to assure that I was consistent with this big project.  I really was intentional in setting myself up for success!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Update: What do I Need for ART?

Update:  I shared my 'what do you need for art' wall outside my room last week.  This is working REALLY well.  The kids (and teachers) are prepared for the classroom and they know just what to do as they enter the classroom.  It's been great because my hours overlap (example, one class comes at 1:15 while the other class leaves at 1:15).  Here you see I ask for materials as well as give them the first instruction of the hour.  Click here to see the previous post.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prepared for the day

Yesterday I posted about how I use my countertop as a management tool. The other half of the countertop is used for that as well.  Here I have made a small sign for each of my grades.  I have all my materials available by the number.  For my older grades can tell them to, pick up the packet by and go to your seat, or get a sheet of paper and go to your seat.  They know right where to go and what to get.

Sometimes I have materials prepared that I need my students to have later on in the hour.  I simply place these behind the number signs and pull them up front when I need them to gather the new material.  This again works well because I have it ready to go for the class.  I'm going to try to never leave school without having this counter prepared for the next day.  This will help have little to no stress in the morning when there is an IEP, a PLC, a Staff Meeting... and so on.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Managing the Masses...

This is working so nicely this year.  I have created a 'rainbow counter top' for my kids to put their art work on after they are done with their hour.  This works great because they match up their work with their table color.  I then come along and place the work in a labeled folder.  As I'm picking them up I'm pulling the artwork that doesn't have a name, or is behind and will need some special attention next time.  It's a bit of a formative assessment.  It also helps me organize the work of so many students and classes.  

The folders are labeled sheets of construction paper.  I have a box top cut and taped down in the middle to keep the two classes separate.  The drores are labeled with the teacher code.  I can quickly distribute the folders the next day I see the group by placing the folders out on the tables.  Having this space be a part of my classroom prevents me from letting things pile up on my counter spaces... not as if that would ever happen.