Friday, November 21, 2014

Free Form Shape Mobiles

Inspired by Pinterest again... my 2nd grade students created these free-form shape mobiles.  These were so slick.  It was a quick, one-day project that got the idea of free form shapes across to my students.  Take a look at this YouTube to get an idea of how quick I was able to get them hung as well.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Onomatopoeia... On a Stick

So yesterday I showed you the amazing metal bugs that my 5th grade made.  It took so long to complete that I thought we would do a quick, one-day lesson.  We did Onomatopoeia's... on a stick.  What?  On a stick?  Why... Well, I'll tell you why.  Minnesota does everything on a stick.  You might not know this about my great state, but food is always better for a Minnesotan if you serve it on a stick.

Our Minnesota State fair is called the Minnesota Great Family Get Together, and everything is 'On a Stick'... Cheese, meat, deep fried candy bars.  You got it, everything is better on a stick.  'You Betcha'!

So why not Onomatopoeia's? 

I gave them lot's of hints on how to create bubble letters, and simple ways to do paper cutting letters.  We placed them on a craft stick and they walked out the door with it.  They were really excited to have a project to take home.  I used a GREAT video to start this lesson off.  Check it out on my 5th-grade website playlist.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Color Scheme Metal Bugs

OK... it took 6 weeks to get these done... but it was so worth it.  The kids worked really hard on this and it's something to be proud of.  My 5th-grade students were introduced to using metal tooling.  They designed their bugs and used different tools to make them pup out and five them detail and design.

 Each student picked a color scheme to create their bug and frame with.   The bugs were colored with sharpie marker and the frame was created with paper.

The final step was to add the antenna and legs with wire.  They created the wire pieces by experimenting with lot's of different methods.  They placed them down with glue dots and I give it a little extra strength with hot glue.

The bugs are stunning in the display case.  They are all different sizes and different styles.  The kids were able to take some of the required ideas and really be creative with it.  They LOVED the end result and the rest of the school has been AWED!

For an idea of how we created these bugs, please see my 5th-grade youtube playlist on my website

Sunday, November 16, 2014

50 Days in School!

We celebrated our 50th day in school on Friday.  So we all were asked to dress like we are from the 50's.  Last year I put on a sweet little retro dress and pearls.  I watched Youtube to learn how to put pin curls in my hair.  I was perfectly 'Leave it to Beaver' sweet.  Last year I was traveling from the middle school to the elementary.  I got the phone call right before my travel that my daughter was sick.  I showed up looking like I just got done dusting the drapes and making homemade chocolate chip cookies to pick her up.  I was not able to celebrate the fun day with Hassan...

 This year was different.  Instead of the fancy dress I chose to try a working woman look.  I was thinking about "I Love Lucy" look or the Rosie the Riveter (even though she was more late 1940's).
 After I was all done with my get up I looked int he mirror and saw more of a Tupac Shakur look.  I finished the look with some working boots and rolled up jeans.  I had a blast with the day.  The kids didn't recognize me.  I love this elementary dress up thing.  It's so easy to get a genuine smile from these young kiddos.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Check it out, and Check it off!

I love me my clipboards!!  I use them all the time.  These are my two new implementations.

Do you have 30 sections and just have not idea what you have told each of them?  Have you ever assumed that you already covered 'that' and the kids look at you like you have a 3rd eye?  Well, here is my solution.  I keep good notes in my binder on the lesson and where the kids ended up, but when I introduce new management ideas, I get lost.  As you can see above.  I have put all the classes on the top of the page and left a large section on the right side to write what the concept is.  I check it off as I present each topic to my students.  It's helped me plan and given me goals for each class.

Another clipboard.  This time I am inspired by our administrative staff at Hassan Elementary.  They have a great selection of 'shared' items stored in the office.  Among them class set of sharpies, class set of dry erase markers... things like that.  You simply have to 'check them out' and get them back to the office when done.  I wanted to do the same thing with the materials for my room.  I have a sign out sheet to help me understand who and what was borrowed.