Thursday, November 15, 2018

Chalk a Planter- Inspired by Denver Chalks

A long time ago, my husband and I lived in a small townhome with a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. One summer we wanted to show our kids how food is grown so we joined in with our towns community garden. We had a plot next to the most wonderful couple... Denver and Kristen Grubb. These two quickly became part of our family. 

Several years later, we celebrate holidays together, life events, and life changes. One of the life changes that the couple has made in the past several years is getting involved selling and creating with Chalk Couture products. They gifted me some transfers and chalk and I have had the chance to play around with it at home. I thought I would share the process and product with you by recording it to share.

It's just that easy! I love the transfers I have. The best part of this product is the team, however... Denver and Kristen are passionate about their business.  They have so much more to share on their website, Denver Chalks. I follow them on all social media and learn something new all the time. Be sure to check them out yourself.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Paper Straw Himmeli

I attended and presented at the AEM (Art Educators of Minnesota) conference last week and learned from Alison (@alisonwonderandland) about Himmelis. She gave a great description of the history and so many examples.  To sum it up, I found this short history on Hemleva's website

Many times, in order to learn, and then teach, I create a video.  I recorded myself making a simple Himmeli using paper straws from Target. This was the activity learned in the session I attended.

Here is what you need.
  • 12 straws the same sized.
  • Crochet string (or something like it)
  • A needle (or I used floral wire to make a longer needle)
  • Optional, the extras (tassels, beads...)

Step by Step: 


If you choose, adding additional decorations can give you himmeli a little extra pizzaz!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

20 % Off Teacher Pay Teacher Lessons

To celebrate my presentation with the Wisconsin Art Education Association, I'm throwing a sale on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store on all the lesson plans that I'm mentioning in the presentation I'm doing during the conference.  The following Lesson Plans are 20% off on Oct. 24 - Oct.27.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Sewing a Recorder Case

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm presenting at the Wisconsin Art Education Conference Oct. 25th and 26th. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to present on several topics. One workshop I will be teaching is "How to Make a Recorder Case". I did this with my 4th graders last year and I have been asked several times to provide details for the lesson. I have put together a lesson that is student ready.

A lot of my Teachers Pay Teachers lessons are a PDF when downloaded, and then bring you to a Google Slideshow. This slideshow is divided into 5 parts. 

1) Supplies (one of the slides is shown above)
2) Preparation, what the teacher needs to do to prep for this lesson
3) Student Samples (one slide is shown below)
4) Instructional Videos, there are five of them listed below
5) Final Steps  

The videos that are included are also divided into segments of this lesson. 

1) Threading a needle
2) Practice Sewing
3) Drawing a Pre Plan
4) Sewing Shapes
5) Closing up the Recorder Case

These videos are recorded directly above the hands so students are able to get a clear picture of the instructions. The videos have good lighting and audio. They are designed to show students directly.

I have added this lesson to Teacher Pay Teachers to share with you. I'm excited to share that I will be throwing a sale on this item and many of the others that I'm presenting on in Wisconsin on Oct. 24 and 25th.  Be sure to visit than for the 'best deals'!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Wisconsin Art Education Association Feature Speaker

I have been working hard the last couple of months to get ready for a big event coming up later in October. I have been invited to be a featured presenter at the Wisconsin Art Education Association Fall Conference. The theme this year is 'ART FOR ALL'. I love this theme because it really embraces all aspects of the Arts in Education. I can't wait to see the many ways this theme is interpreted by some of the other speakers! 

I will be joined by many other AMAZING Art Educators throughout Wisconsin as well as Bob Reeker and Jeanne Styczinski. I have had the opportunity to meet Bob Reeker several times in the last year and I'm can say he is fabulous! I have no dought that he will bring an excellence to this conference.  Ever since seeing Jeanne's name on the list of speakers I have been following her work too. She is quite the illustrator and her work is featured throughout Wisconsin on a regular basis. 


I will be presenting two, 1-hour sessions right away. I'll be talking about Artist Trading Cards at 8 AM and then Learning Through Play later at 10 AM on Thursday. I'm passionate about both of these subjects so I'll be pressed for time in the hour... but I'll try to share every bit of information that I can in the time allowed! 


Then I teach three sessions that are 2-hours long, and hands on! We will be sewing a recorder case (or at least getting started on this project. We will be creating family portraits with drawing and watercolor. And finally, learning about sketchnoteing and how to bring it into your classroom. All three of these sessions have been selected because they were successes in my classroom, so I can't wait to share them with the conference attendees. 


I have attended the Wisconsin conferences in the past and let me tell you, it's amazing. These hard-working educators put on one of the best Art Education events of the year. It's worth taking a few days off Oct. 25th and 26th to connect with your tribe! Check out their website to see how to register