Friday, August 1, 2014

Monster Medium - Marker

This is Mason.  Mason is a farmer.  He owns the midwest's largest sunflower field.  When he was a kid, he used to love to grow and pick flowers for his grandma who he lived with.  She would say, 'Oh Mason, you are so sweet!  These flowers make me so happy.'  That was the inspiration for his farm.  He grows all sorts of flowers but sunflowers are his favorite.  He loves how they start out so small and get to be SOOOOOOO big!

Can you guess what medium Mason is?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

SchoolArts Magazine Aug./Sept. 2014- Drip, Drip, Drop

I'm always very excited when I can see my students artwork and my projects published.  This is a clip card recently published in SchoolArts Magazine Aug./Sept. 2014.  I have posted this lesson a while back (click here) but now it's in the magazine being shown to more people then just this little blog!  So exciting!  If you have never submitted a article or lesson, this is a GREAT way to start.  SchoolArts has things so laid out for an author and it's an amazing way to promote your ideas, your program and your students! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monster Mediums - Metal

This is Latrina.  Latrina is a dancer.  She moved and shakes all day and even in her sleep.  She's in high school now but plans to dance on a broadway stage someday.  When she looks at the world she hears music.  She taps her toe, she snaps her fingers, she smells the beat!  Her mom and dad are proud of their talented daughter.  This bubbly beauty is a popular party guest because she is nice to everyone.  The whole school loves her because she is so kind to everyone around.  Latrina is beautiful inside and out!

Can you guess what medium Latrina is? 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monster Mediums - Watercolor

This is Ghila.  In Hebrew give us name means joy. That couldn't be closer to the truth.  She loves to love. She loves her mom and dad, she loves going to school, she loves going to bed, she even loves eating her spinach.  Ghila is a swimmer. Ghila has won many awards for swimming competitively. She swims competitively send she was in fourth grade. She is now in eighth-grade and you guessed it loves to swim.  You can't help but LOVE Ghila!

Can you guess what medium do Ghila is?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monster Mediums- Graphite Pencil

This is Alejandro.  Alejandro has been a nurse at the local hospital for 15 years now. He is extremely caring. People who are sick or hurt come in and see him and he always makes them feel better. He does funny things to make his patients laugh. Sometimes he dresses up like a clown. Other times he shows the magic tricks. On the weekends Alejandro likes to walk his 14 dogs. That's right I said 14 dogs! Alejandro and his 14 dogs live just outside the city. They have a large piece of property where all the dogs can run and play.

Can you guess what medium Alejandro is?