Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Artist Trading Card Update...

The due date for the ATC's was Nov. 30 so the cards have been pouring in.  Over conferences I was able to go through some of them.  They are amazing and I wanted to share... 

You might have seen the cards above on Mr. E's Blog.  These cards are fro Hermitage, TN.

Good think'n on E's part to group the cards by 10.

The above is from Anderson, SC.  

From Calgary, AB, Canada... the cards below and the gift of stamps above.  How thoughtful! 

The prints below are from Lyndhurst, Ohio

Below are from Monterey, CA.

The following cards are from Richford, VT.

These cards come to us from St. James, NY.

From the middle of the United States, these cards below... from Ralston, NE

Love getting mail from Art teachers.  This creatively decorated and designed package came from New Palestine, Indiana.

These sweet little mushrooms and fungus come from Tallahassee, FL. 

I'm so glad that I had conferences to go through all of these cards.  They are so wonderful to look at.  I have been sharing them with my students but can't wait to share them with you.  It felt good to be caught up... for a day.  Here is the package that I found by my mail box today... 

OK... well... 20 more to go through.  No problem.  Glad to have everyone participate!

More updates to come soon!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

Shape Scapes Station

It's amazing how each class gravitates towards different stations.  The kids in this class LOVED to play at this station.  They were extremely creative with the 'Shape Scapes' that they created.  This station was inspired by play and watching my students. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why I Flip My Lessons

Why do I flip my lessons (a flipped lesson is one that is recorded for students to view)?  I get asked that all the time.  Why do you take the time to record your content?  There are lot's of reasons why, but let me just list a few.

I have my students in stations this year, at least my youngest students. I posted about my station solution yesterday (click here).   I ask them to come into the classroom and join me at the carpet. We talk about the concept of the day, they watch some videos and they are off to work.

For my older students they can watch the video as a group but if anyone comes in late, is gone for the day, has a question, or needs something at their own pace... they use an iPad for instruction a second time (or third time...)

Here's why I do them...

  • My videos are quick (1 minute to 4 most of the time).  
  • They are filmed so all students can see... not only the ones in the front row around my demonstration table.  
  • All students watch! I don't know what it is about putting something on Youtube, but these kids listen to it better than they listen to me.  
  • I can redirect individuals who are being disruptive or off task without stopping the lesson.  
  • These lessons reveal the 'full' story thanks to this thing called editing and time lapse. 
I used to have everything cued up on my computer when I was showing videos... no longer.  I bring them to this blog and show them that in the top of the toolbar is 'Mrs. Hahn's Youtube'.  This way they know where to go when they want to visit a video again.  I have had more students than ever before say they have visited my Youtube.  Sometimes I make video with the idea in mind that students will be watching this at home, and this would be a fun 'extra' for home use. 

Another perk to using flipped lessons is to make sure everyone gets the same information.  If you teach multiple sections of the same class you know that you sometimes forget to say things... you just said that... right?  or was that yesterday.  

Sometimes when the videos are playing, I prep.  I have one class coming into art while the other class is leaving.  This means there is no time to set anything up if needed. When I have a flipped lesson I can quietly make sure I have the supplies ready for the students.

The best thing about flipping my instruction is that others can use it.  I love sharing my videos with other teachers.  I especially love sharing my videos with my home-schooled niece and her friends.  It's fun to teach students and share with teachers from all over the world.  

Monday, November 23, 2015

Learning Art Through Stations

What are these gems for? Let me tell you!

I started running a choice-ish classroom this year.  Due to the schedule I have this year, I'm running K's, 1st and 2nd grade using stations.  They come into the class and have a mini lesson on the concept of the day.  As you can see from the above and below images, I set up stations according to color of tables.  Most of the time I show video's of the station options of the day. The stations relate to one of the concepts learned in each grade.  I try for two stations on each concept.   As you can see... I have simplified the stations (comparing the 1st and 2nd photo of stations).  Above I was showing all of the supplies and examples. It was getting a little too cluttered so I simplified it as you see below. 

That tells them what the stations are going to be but I have to set them up.  For the first several weeks of this, I would take my lunch and set up the stations.  It was a lot... I asked myself why am I doing this, I should train the kids to do this.  My goal is for my class to be able to run with, or without me there. So I set up a cart as you see below. 

Each tray has the supplies for each station.  These trays coordinate with the table colors. Now I check the cart once a day to see if it has the correct supplies.  One place to check, one place to clean up.  It's working out nicely.  I store it in my kiln room... pull it out before my first choice class and wall'la! That's all I have to do...  Not bad at all.

So now to get the tables set up.  I have taught the kids how to prepare a station.  How to get it presented and set up.  Set all the materials out and make it look inviting. I hand out these gems from the gem jar.  You guessed it they coordinate with a color table and therefore the holder of the gem, sets up that station. Kids are so excited to get a gem.  They put the gem back in the gem jar when finished and join the group in play and discovery.

Everyone helps with clean up, but the gem holders are asked to return to their stations to make sure it's ready to go back onto the cart. This system has taken several weeks to get smooth and I expect to see more growth in this process as the weeks continue.