Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book Shelfies

Let me just take a minute to highlight an amazing idea in my school.  My dear friend and team member Mrs. Harapat has come up with the amazing display she is calling Book Shelfies.  Mrs. Badrawi and Mrs. Harapat worked hard to coordinate with our school theme... superheroes, work in some pop culture, and highlight the fun of reading... This is the display they came up with.

So each bookshelf has books that the highlighted staff member loves.  They give a little bio of who the staff member is and why they love the books they choose.

I love that the bios are short... but give a little bit about the person too.  This is perfect for our students and very encouraging for reading.

Monday, October 5, 2015


We got our first trade in from Nicole in California, USA!  Her students cards were amazing! HIGH quality for sure! Ms. Hsieh did a perfect job sending all the right information for the trade as well.  If all cards come to me like this... Our Artist Trading Card Swap is going to be a MAJOR success!

Nicole filled out the form for ATC's perfectly.  The BIG thing for me as a distributor of cards is that there is an accurate number of cards being traded, and that there is a clear address to send them back.  The other information will be great to have for each trade as well.

I have a few cards here that I want to celebrate and a few more on Creatubbles.com.  I will not be uploading all the cards to creatubbles, but would love for more to take part.  I just put a couple on to give more examples of ATC's for other schools, check it out! Making a Creatubble account is so easy and I would totally encourage you to look into it for your school, please share your cards on my Gallery if you do post some cards.

So there it is... the first card the map for the 2015/16 school year! 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#K12ArtChallenge, Week 1

Here we go now, Here we go now, Here we go now... (Yep, I'm singing DJ Kool in my head... or maybe out loud) It's time to get this party started! I'm giving you a couple of extra days on this first challenge.  #K12ArtChallenge wanted to bring this first challenge to you by the 1st of Oct.  I still plan to celebrate cards on Friday's (but not this Friday the 2nd) First celebration will be Oct. 9th 2015. Challenge two will be posted on the following day, Sat. the 10th.  

This week the focus is on Process.  Let's do some BIG ideas... I can't wait to see what your creative minds will come up with.  There is NO WRONG way to make your ATC!  Of course you will want to make the card traditional ATC size (2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch cards or 64 mm by 89 mm), but beyond that, it's up to you. Try something you have never tried before, or something you do every day.  Share your cards, and your processes on social media. Take a look at how and who to share it with by clicking here. So looking forward to this challenge. 

Here is a little 'movie trailer' I created to celebrate the idea of Process in this #K12ArtChallenge. 

Here are my 3 cards that I created for Process...

Danger- Beautiful Art Ahead: Process here = Gelli Printing, Print resist, Wax Pastels (see previous post) and topped it off with a label from my label maker.

What a Hoot: Process = Gelli Mono Print, Collage, Packaging Tape Transfer (see Youtube Video), Drawing the Owl (See previous post), and watercolor it as well.

Double Vision: Process = Gelli Mono Print, Collage, Packaging Tape Transfer, and Wax Pastels

I have uploaded all these card onto our ATC Gallery on Creatubbles.  I would love for you to do the same.  This is a great site guys and if nothing else, you can get a good feel for the site perhaps for use in your classroom.  If you are in our Artist Trading Card Swap, I would love to have you join us in posting you students cards on the site.  This is going to allow our students to communicate on another level.  It will let them comment 'in person' on each others artwork. Give it a thought and feel free to contact me, or the Creatubble team to if you have any questions.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Artist Trading Card Cheat Sheet

My goal for Artist Trading Cards this year is to make independent ATC creators. This means, less paper cutting for me and less of the same questions.  This also means MORE students who might bring this activity of Artist Trading Cards to work on them outside of class.  Here is step number one to make an independent learner. 

Give the students resources! This is their 'Artist Trading Card Cheat Sheet'.  This will be the first card that will go in their ATC's Sleave portfolio.  As you can see the first thing it explains is what to write on the back of an Artist Trading Card. Sure, in my class I have a stamp to place on the back (see previous post) , but this will help them know what to write even if they are not in my class. 

The lower portion of the ATC Cheat Sheet explains their log in information for Creatubbles.com.  As I posted on earlier, my students (and the #K12ArtChallenge) will be using this platform for a digital portfolio.  This was so stink'n easy to set up.  I made a spreadsheet of my classes and they distributed a list of usernames and passwords for all of my students.  I placed what was the same for all of them, but they will have to write their code (where you see 1,2,3).  This is so they can log in.  The lower URL code is going to come in really handy because that is what my students will put on the back of their card to tell people how to access it online. So when you get a trade from my students, you will be able to look online to see the digital work, and perhaps read and Artist Statement, hear the students voice or see a youtube explaining the work of art!

I would like to share this worksheet with anyone who can use it.  Click here to get to my Teacher pay Teacher page.  A generic sheet has been shared with you for free.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Investigation Station

Cleaning out my garden last night I was inspired to make a new station today.. The investigation Station.  Got some tweezers, magnifying glasses, pencil, paper and tape.  The flowers from my garten were the subject of investigation this time.

1st-grade students were instructed they could not work at this station without watching the video of what the station was all about.  It was the first time using a QR code in my class.  They knew what to do because of their awesome Media/Tech teacher last year.
They had so much fun taking apart these flowers.  They didn't destroy them... which was totally what I was thinking would happen.

They were very excited to bring home their little treasures.  How simple is this? They get to know the anatomy of flowers through self-discovery. That is a good thing for sure. This will be a repeat station.  It wasn't the interest of all... but it was for a good handful.