Friday, April 21, 2017

Yoga Calm Camp

I love to celebrate the amazing community of Hassan Elementary.  We recently invited families to participate in a Yoga Calm night.  It was amazing.  We had lot's of students helpers and staff that helped to make this an fun night.

We had to do a little advertising so we had some of our student leaders help out with a video. 

We decided on a theme... and then... t-shirts were made, families sign up, mats set up on, s'mores were roasted, temporary camping tattoos were put on, and the room was decorated, and the calm nature music was played. I helped out with the background as seen below. 

It all looked so inviting!

There were so many families that came to get their Yoga on for the night.  We all had so much fun! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weaving: Spring Nests

Weaving is one of the best fine motor challenges for our young artists.  I find that weaving can be introduced with K's but is the most appropriate challenge for the average 1st grader.  Most students have to work mentally and physically to achieve a good weave and therefore, when successful, our students feel accomplished!  I have lot's of different options for weaving right here on in past posts (click here).  This year, we created nests for our pre-test and introduction to weaving.  I always like to do a paper weaving before I do the end of the year fiber weaving. 

I taught the students with this video.  This way I could play and replay it for the majority of the class, and assist individuals when needed. 

The first day the students did the weaving and glued the shape on the back.  We let it dry until their next visit.

At the start of the next day, students cut the weaving out.  They then used tempera sticks to draw a branch.  We had some paper left over from an earlier project, so some of them created little eggs to go in their nests as well. 

We played them on the floor to dry.  My youngest students are at the end of the day so we leave them out on the floor so we can have a discussion about the projects and also take pictures for Seesaw to share with parents at home.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lego Machine Easter Eggs

My kids were completely in love with a recent post from Fugal Fun For Boys and Girls.  In her recent blog post, Sarah gives great directions of how to make a simple machine with Legos and a motor.  We just happen to have plenty of those items, so away we got to work, engineering a design.  The kids took a look at the model, but then I took away the tutorial to allow them to discover and problem solvers on their own (and that wasn't easy).  That's what made it all the more satisfying when it was finished.

Monday, April 10, 2017

#ArtistByState update

CHECK OUT THE PROGRESS!!! I'm so excited to share how this #ArtistByState project is coming along.  This is going to be such an amazing resource, thanks to all of you!! Take a look at the map below.  As all projects start... there was only one post on the map to start out with.  Now there is over 20 post.  I can only see this project growing.  Won't this be an amazing resource to share our local artist, celebrating our creative nation? Think about how our students will be able to use it? Take a look at the slideshow below to learn a little more about the project.

Now that you know more about the #ArtistbyState project, It's your turn to write a post, create a google slide, or a Prezi, even make a YouTube video. Fill out the form below and share what you have created we will add it to the map.

Watch this resource grow!! It's going to be amazing! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Art Teacher Swap-- Sphero

This is the third Art Teacher Swap that I have done, the second at Rogers Elementary with a good friend of mine, Sue Davies. Read more about what we have done in the past in these posts (click here).  I'm going to be sharing Sue's amazing clay projects that she has done with my students in upcoming posts, but this post is about what I did with the RES students this year.  I brought in Sphero to the Art Room.  You might think you are having a little Deja Vue... that might be because I did this at Hassan right before Christmas break.  I was excited to share the Sphero's with another 800ish kids.

Here are a couple things that went really well this time around.  I asked for volunteers!  This was so great... I had the opportunity to meet not only lot's of students but also lot's of parents. They were all really engaged in the activity too. They also were taking pictures of the kids at work and sending them out to more parents.  That's right... Arts Advocacy, a positive message coming out of the classroom.  It was a highlight. 

So by the end of this week, I had taught 1600 students in total how to play with the Sphero.  They also all had a chance to actively use them.  I had taught the lesson 60 times... wait, I guess it was 59 times, I don't want to exaggerate.  So, yeah, I have a few tips and tricks to share if you are considering this lesson in your classroom.

There are a couple of ways to learn more about how I taught Spheros in my classroom.  First, look at my past posts (click here). You could also download this handout for quick and more specific links (click here). But if you are jazzed about Spheros as a great STEAM activity... Education Closet Summer Conference is the place for you.  This online conference is AMAZING!! I have purchased several times and have learned so much!! This summer, July 20th specifically, I will be presenting on Sphero in the Classroom. I will be sharing a ton of nuggets I've learned from teaching this lesson this year. I'm so excited to share.  Hope to see you there!!