Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remember Shrinky Dinks?

We took a little trip down memory lane with the 5th grade. As we are wrapping up the year, I asked students to think about the lessons, activities, and memories or the year. They came up with a lot of great ideas and I hear a lot of laughs along the way. They created the images on a sheet of paper witch was then transferred onto a Shrinky Dink. I used two toaster ovens to run the class of 35 through in about 20 minutes. Designs took a half hour to two hours, depending on the class, the student, and scheduling. The kids LOVE watching the shrink and it is a nice end of the year project!


  1. I love this idea! thank you. found you on Snippety Gibbet's blog. My kids would LOVE this project. And, it is something they can keep for a while, too...

  2. Daysease... Become a follower of the blog. I will have update all summer long! Thanks for checking our blog out!!!