Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learning about them...

One of the best things about being an art teacher is you get to see kids for many years. You get them when they are little K's and when they are in 5th grade you see how many changes each kid has made in their adventure of growing.

As you know from past posts, the first day our students drew a card entitled, 'What I did this Summer'. This trading card I wanted to share with you. We will call the kiddo who made it 'Sweet' instead of his real name. I have had Sweet from his Kindergarten year and he is now in 5th grade. He has had some hard days in art class but we have been able to get through it. Sweet tries really hard and I have to say I'm proud of this work he presented me. This is amazing for Sweet! He did a great job!

When he came up to me to show me the card he had this to say...

Sweet: Mrs. Hahn, do you know what I did this summer?
Mrs. Hahn: It looks like you played baseball.
Sweet: Yep, and see that... that is when I finally hit the ball!
Mrs. Hahn: (BIG SMILE)
Sweet: Mrs. Hahn, I almost made it to first base that day!
Mrs. Hahn: (with chills down my back) I bet that made you feel good!
Sweet: (with the most sincere eyes, and honest voice) Mrs. Hahn, That made me feel real good!

I tear up telling the story again. This is why I teach, this is why I love my job!

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