Friday, November 5, 2010

Three cheers for fine motor activities...

Here's a little fine motor for ya... I was shopping last year at Mills Fleet Farm (yep, the store that has all the 'farm' stuff) and found some of the coolest toys for my mini's. Now some things were a bit of a through back to my childhood, but none the less... still fun for my kids.

  1. In the first picture below you see Matisse stringing beads onto a pipe cleaner. She uses a lot of concentration to get every bead on and is very proud of the results.
  2. The second picture shows Sawyer with using Fun Fusion (or I've heard it called other things). This took all his concentration too... He was so excited to iron and have the beads all stick together. He wants to make more, so we have to go get some more beads. He use them all up:)
  3. The last picture is showing the foam beads Matisse used for the picture on the top. These foam beads were a lot of fun too for Tisse. She strung them on pipe cleaners too.

The kids spent the whole night beading away! It was a fun project for me too... Quite time:)

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