Thursday, February 17, 2011

More about the Digital Collage.

I want to explain a little more about the digital collages. I started out by talking about Matisse. Check out an earlier post about the lesson I created on ArtsConnectEd. This lesson emphasized Matisse's work and organic shape. It left the question, 'How do you think Matisse would make his art work if he had technology like we do'? This is where the digital collage came in. Check older posting for an example

After the lesson the kids were placed in groups. They were each given jobs via a worksheet to help the flow of the group. Worksheet is on the ArtsConnectEd lesson. They also received a story for the group to develop their ideas around. Our kids are doing a program in Music class based on nursery rhymes so I went with their theme. Collaboration ROCKS!

Here you see students working together to make a collage. This collage is NOT glued down. The pieces remain loose on their background. The background simply give them the perimeter. They took about two days on this process so a zip lock bag helped them keep all their little pieces together from class to class. Most groups ended up working really well together.

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