Saturday, June 23, 2012

Art Camp for Art Teachers

We have a wonderful Art Teacher in our district named Rana Nestrud.  Rana sets up amazing staff development for the teachers of our district and surrounding areas.  Two days after the end of school these are some of the activities we could/did sign up for!  

Metal working with Gary Erickson.  We made metal beads.
Ed and Tara came out from Continental Clay to talk to us about Kiln maintenance.

Raku firing with Jim Loso

 Native American pottery and earrings with Deb Blair

And I presented on QR codes and Stop Motion Animation.  Click here to see previous post.

Big thanks to Rana for a job well done!  I learned a lot and I know how lucky and rare it is to have Art based staff development. 


  1. Oh, what fun!! I would have loved to learn to make those metal beads! Thanks for sharing the earring instructions. Seems pretty easy for those of us who are used to doing beady stuff. Now how do I pluck a porcupine to get those quills?

  2. Wow! So jealous here. After our students left, we spent 2 looooooooooooooooooong days in meetings about procedures in the school. Ugh!