Friday, October 26, 2012

Digital Notan

I'm working on creating multiple options for the same project.  I want (as we all do) to meet all the needs of every child in the the world... It's hard to do.  With students having more opportunity to use technology, I asked my husband to help me develop a digital notan project.  He's a tech ed teacher and uses both sketch up and sumo paint.  I'm now in LOVE with Sumo Paint (still intimidate by sketch up).  I'm working traditional Notan's now so I made a quick tutorial of how to make a digital one with Sumo Paint.  Try it, send me your Digital Notan at my email... I would love to post them (  Tell me how you use Sumo Paint.  

Youtube at the following link (click here)


  1. This is so incredibly cool!!! I'm off to try it right now. THANKS!!

  2. Just awesome! When my digital board arrives, it will be so cool to show the kids this one!