Monday, December 31, 2012

Expectations Corrections

 Art Rules!  The other specialist and I have thought about our rules a lot.  We decided that in FACs, Health, Art and Tech Ed, there are 4 rules that we can use across the board.

Art Expectations:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Productive
  • Be Safe
Now these seem general and I think it's good to have simple, to the point, not a lot of fluff rules.  These are easy to understand.  I have them covered a lot more in depth on my website (click here) that is covered in the first week of class.

If a student is breaking these expectations a 'expectation correction' is issued (click here to see the document).  I have learned from many IEP's that a written warning is beneficial. Who better to write the expectations that is being addressed then the student themselves.  Most of the time majority of students don't even know when I'm giving a warning.  I simply hand over a sheet of paper, the student fills it out and places it on my desk, and the issue has been addressed.  I then input the information onto parent portal that night as to give full communication at home. 

I've been using the expectation corrections for about 3 quarters now and I'm quite happy with them.  The have helped me communicate better with the students, parents and case managers (if a student has one).

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