Sunday, January 5, 2014

K- Art: Contact Paper Mosaics

Contact paper mosaics can be a great activity for young artist.  Cost is low, set up is minimal and it can be successful for all.

Set up looks like this.  I happened to have wall space so that is what I'm using here.  Window space is just as good!  I cut a sheet of contact paper and pulled back the paper on the lower half.  Add tape on the bottom (sticky side out).  A second tape is placed at the half way point, on TOP of the paper.  Peal back the paper half way and use tape to hold the paper back.

Artist create a design on the contact paper with little paper tiles. 

For those who got done early, I taped a space of the floor for students to work collaboratively on a mosaic.  This was all about process... Part of the process was clean up:)

The contact paper mosaics were a great second activity after the clay mosaic hearts.



  1. I've always struggled with how to do this contact paper collage. .. thanks for breaking down how to do this!

  2. Some great ideas here for having fun with contact paper! Please consider our store next time you are in the market. Thank you!