Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zonkey Selfies

I posted about the song SELFIE, by The Chainsmokers previously...  I thought it would bring me to a lesson... and sure enough, it did!  I combined this lesson with another activity I have been wanting to try now for a while... ZONKEY's.  I'm sure many of you have heard about the Zonkey project that Ian Sand's has going on.  If not, please check out the following youtube.

I was covering the subject of UNITY (see notes) in class with my 7th grade and decided that it was the PERFECT time to combined that annoying song with this AMAZING zonkey project.  We talked about how an artist can show unity in their work with the mediums, subject, or elements.  We used the subject of zonkey's to unite with students all over the world:)  not to mention with in the class.  Check out the final product!

Yep, this Minnesota Mom has a little Valley Girl left in her.  I created this song for my studnets to inspire them to make a 'rock'n' art video.  You will notice through out the video that there are some different kinds of zonkey's.  One kiddo made a fabric bag, another out of legos.  There was a tablet used and a poster made.  This is a total repeat project, maybe in the next couple of weeks because my quarter is changing.  I can't wait to see how the ZONKEY SELFIE project develops.


  1. The things you do for your students makes me smile:)

  2. Love love love these! Zonkeys make me smile :D too! Thanks for sharing! Awesome!