Friday, April 11, 2014

Using the iPad for Figure Drawing

As I mentioned in a previous post, the 2nd grade is working on figure drawing.  We have created a sketchbook and practice many times how to create a figure using a manikin.  I use the iPads as another way to review this idea.  I was inspired at the AOE Winter Conference where I saw a session of Pam Dalton using the app, Brushes. Her conference session was...

'Teach Your Students to Paint on the iPad' - Pam Dalton (Art Educator and iPad Artist)

 It's free and it's a GREAT app for multi ages.  I also like that this app will show you the process an artist used to create a final work of art.  When you are finished drawing, one can simply hit the 'play' button and see the drawing from start to finished.  See this short video to get an idea of how I used this in class. My coworker, Mr. Kantor also used this lesson as sub plans one day.  He posted about it as well, click here.

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