Thursday, August 21, 2014

School Supplies Organization

I love buying school supplies and I have passed that passion onto my minis.  This year the kids and I wanted to create something to help organize all the materials required by their teachers.  We bought plastic containers from target rather then the traditional school box.  Then we custom made some organizers for the new box.

This is on the outside of the foldable.

Sawyer LOVED this part.  He wanted me to make a Rambo-like strap for this crayons but we compromised with this.

When it's opened up we were able to add spaces for scissors, erasers, glues stick, a pencil and some highlighters.  

Because Sawyer loves art supplies, all of his did not fit into one container so we got two.  The homeroom teachers are going to love me.  This second box has his colored pencil and markers.  The wrap from Blick was the inspiration for this project.  It was given to me from an AOE conference last winter. 

We modeled the marker wrap after the Blick one.  We used velcro instead of the snap.  I like this a little better.

And now for Matisse's.  Her's was a little different because the supply list was different between the grades.  

And the other box.

The first layer was a book like foldable with markers, erasers, glue and scissors.  The second layer is all the crayons,  the front and back filled with crayons. 

OK... The kids are ready to go.  Now I just need to do this with my whole classroom.  A big week ahead of me. 


  1. These are so cute!!!! The teachers will know that these kids are well taken care of. That's what this says to me! I am trying to do the same for Stella I think it says to the teachers this is the standard for my kids:)

  2. Love it. How about a tutorial for how you made it?