Saturday, August 2, 2014

Slime Time

We are taking care of a couple of cousins this weekend, so that is means... experiments!  The kids and I (and Tim, my husband) made slime.  I have seen slime 'how-tos' on several different sites.  This one from Steve Spangler Science is a good one, and good site.  Here is what I had on hand for this activity... 

As you saw above, we mixed primary colors.  I got this cool laminated color mixing wheel from Art To Remember at the last AOE art conference swag box.  I think it was intended for paints but slime works well for it too :)     

I had the kids mix up the slime and then give each other high five with their slimy hands.  They then mixed the two primary colors together. 

After the color was mixed, they then place it on the color wheel where they thought it should be.  I put the mat of slime in front of my nephew.  It was fun for this two year old to touch hold, and eat... (To my sister, I did prevent him from eating the slime... well most of it.)

The kids continued playing with the slime and and mixing new colors.  As we all know, every color together is not a pretty color, but it's still fun slime.  Here is my niece putting the slime in a toy grocery basket. Fun!  

Besides trying to earn 'Aunt of the Year' award (I'm not even close to the top for that award)... I was also trying this out to see if this would be a fun way to learn about color mixing in class.  I don't think so.  It did get really messy.  I may mix the slime up ahead of time and five them each a tiny piece (OUT SIDE) and have them give high five to another friend. Then have a garbage ready for them before they went inside.  I do want to be a friend to my custodial staff.  They are amazing!  

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