Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kindness in Chalk

Kindness in Chalk: An Anti-Bullying Movement

I have a friend (Thank you Mrs. Glew)  who has invited me to join in the fun Oct. 10th.  A woman named Nikki has some BIG ideas to share... and I want to help her spread the word. Check this out...

Bullying – be it in school, the workplace or online – can have lasting, lifetime implications. But, without being in the schools to intervene directly, what can we do to help? Sometimes, all a person needs to hear is something uplifting and positive to get through a rough day. I wanted to choose a day to give that to kids all over the Twin Cities (and maybe from where you are :)). This day will be our first “Kindness in Chalk” event and it takes place on Friday, October 10.
What is the Kindness in Chalk event?
On Friday, October 10, we (and hopefully YOU) are going to spread kindness by covering the sidewalks of school grounds with positive words, phrases, quotes and images that speak of love, peace, hope and acceptance with the intention of bringing smiles to kids’ faces after a long week or challenging them to pay a beautiful act of kindness forward. Consider this an open invitation for parents, family members, siblings, aunts and uncles, teachers, and friends to make an impactful difference on someone’s day (or week, or year, or life). And, hey, who doesn’t love playing with sidewalk chalk?!
Check out her blog for more information about the project!!  (click here)

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