Monday, December 22, 2014

Line Ornaments

I recently posted about my Mondrian Ornaments that my K's made.  They turned out great.  There was a couple classes that needed an 'extra' project right before break so I was able to use the same idea again.  These ornaments were based on the concept of line.  The students used red or green markers to draw the many different lines that they had learned about in class.  I had the kids color the page with the opposite color that they used.  So if they used a red marker, they used green color crayons.

Once it was colored, they trace around a circle to make the shape.  They then cut on the line and added the topper.  I used the diagram below to show how to make the topper.  I love that none of the toppers look the same.  That's what makes these done by a primary artist!  

These sweet ornaments are a great addition to any kitchen refrigerator this holiday season!

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