Monday, April 13, 2015

#NAEA 15- Elementary Blog Carousel

Let me share about another inspiring presentation from the NAEA 15 convention.  I had to hit the blogger carousel.  These ladies talked about their experiences of creating and maintaining a blog.  I have been blogging for a while now, but I learned something from each one of these ladies as they presented.

Laura Lohmann- Painted Paper
  • Laura explained a little about her colorful header that she has consistently had featured on her blog for many years.  She said it was a stunning work that she received a lot of complements on, so she went with it.  She also touched on her avatar. She started her blog in 2008 and the internet had different 'rules'.  Back then, it was common to protect your identity, even your image. I started with the same idea. I'm less worried about my image being present on social media and my blog these days.  Laura uses Instagram and Picassa for all her amazing images and collages that you will find on Painted Paper.  Laura is a positive, and uplifting person.  I'm proud to follow her blog.

Phyl- There's a Dragon in my Art Room

  • Phyl is also a very well known blogger in the art world.  I love having her influence on social media.  She shares her thoughts about art education freely.  She talked about when adding a blog post, making sure that the title of each post is a catchy one.  She also talked about the 1st image being one that is eye catching too.  Her intent in talking to this was to make sure that your posts can be interesting to the viewer right away and on multiple devices (tablets, computers, and phones).  She also talked about the importance of a blog roll.  That this is a way to share other inspiring bloggers out there.  Phyl makes me smile.  This tiny lady makes up for her height in personality, that's for sure.

  • Jen is newer to the blog world.  Jen has posted her slide show if you are interested in seeing it. (click here).  She started by talking about platform.  She uses Weebly because it's easy and free.  Jen spoke to the fact that blogging can be a celebration of student work and the happenings of the art room, but she also talks about it being a great place to reflect, and share failures. I did not know Jen before meeting at NAEA convention, I'm so glad I had a chance to get to know her.  I have a feeling I will be looking to her for professional leadership.  
  • If you are looking to meet someone excited about blogging... let me introduce you to Mrs. Depp.  This woman is so excited about blogging. Her presentation was wonderful and well planned. She gave some great tips.  She has shared her presentation on her blog as well (click here).  She suggests a couple of things that I thought were helpful for starting a blog.  Think of a short name.  She added that her blog name was hard to get on a business card. Find a purpose, a focus for your blog.  We talked shortly about some blogs that are based on humor, philosophy or art, the projects... finding your voice and focus, Sheryl suggests.  As I look at my notes, I have Adorable written by Sheryl... she is, it's hard not to follow in her foot steps and all start a blog after speaking with her for a while.
Cassie Stephens- Cassie Stephens
  • Maybe you've heard of Cassie before? She was the biggest hit at the NAEA 15 convention for sure.  This lovely lady has so much charisma and energy that it's hard not to fall in love! I'll admit, I have a Cassie crush, for sure. She talked to the fact that if you want a really good blog, that you will continue to be consistent with, find your passion and go with it.  I have had fun watching Cassie's blog evolve over the years.  She discussed that she has 3 post a week, they are 'themed' and it has helped her focus.  She also talks about providing her viewers with lovely, beautiful pictures. She didn't sugarcoat the fact that having a successful blog is time consuming.  I appreciated her honesty. 

I'm so glad I hit this presentation.  It was inspiring and well selected.  It was nice to have people from all walks of 'blogging' life, Phyl is retired, we have two new bloggers, and each one had something valuable to share about blogging.  Consistently I heard you should plan on posting 1-2 times a week.  Great words of advice.  


  1. I agree! Very inspiring! But so were YOU! Thanks for all the great advice!

  2. What a sweet post! The blog carousel was SO crazy! Talking fast for 10 minutes, 5 times in a row, and when it was all done I was exhausted! And evidently my brain was fried because I promptly got lost in the convention center and had to be rescued...

    My only regret sbout the carousel was that we presenters didn't get to see each other's presentations, so thank you for attending (since we know you are already a seasoned blogger and didn't need our advice!) and sharing this synopsis. Now I know what the other presenters talked about!

  3. Awww! I love that you were able to summarize a fun presentation that we were all involved in also thanks for being a huge inspiration for all us bloggers and art teachers! <3