Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dangerous Weaving

I tried this with one first grade class this year!  The rest of the classes did the cute little picnic weavings.  But I had seen this some place, somewhere out there in internet world.  I'm sorry I can't cite the source of inspirations but if you have made something like this weaving, let me know in a comment.

I showed the kids how to make a paper loom and how to weave.  Our weft was a little long, some of the weft was trimmed back and some left long for the legs.  The weaving part took about one day for the class. They glued down the weft so it was a stronger weaving next time they had class.

I suggested a couple of ideas about making their alligators but it was really up to them, they got to design and use the papers they thought best fit for their projects.

Overall, I thought this was a real success and a perfect way to let the kids learn how to weave before moving onto their yarn weaving that we end the year with in 1st grade.  Nice work kiddos!

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