Saturday, June 27, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, Gale Woods Farm

The Three Rivers Park District, Gale Woods Farm located in Minnetrista Minnesota.  This was one of the most beautiful, farms I have ever visited.  This site has a mission to educate people about where we get our food and by did they.  Farmer Andy Anderson was our very informative tour guide for this site.  

There was so much that she wanted to share with us, but we only had two hours.  I could see how a tour could entertain your school/grade/class for the whole day.  We went on a tractor ride to see some of the 400+ acres of the most beautiful land I have ever seen. 

The farm is a working CSA farm (community supported agriculture).  Many teens (young farmers) are hired to work the farm and learn about job responsibilities.  The public can buy farm fresh eggs, veggies, and much more onsite.

There are many animals on the farm as well.  It was explained that school groups and tours get a front row seat to visiting the animals.  The majority population for this farm is pre school and primary grades.  The farm LOVEs to welcome in older groups however and I can see where this could apply to many subject areas.  Andy suggested that the cooking that they do from the harvested veggies is very relatable to Math, Science of animals and food is a give in, the farm is tremendously inspiring for Language Arts writing.  The sheep provide wool that has been brightly dyed for felting and I guess they do many different felting projects on site for all levels.  If you are within 40 minutes of this farm, I think it would be worth a visit with your class.  If you are farther, drive out and see the beauty of this country with your family.

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