Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Introducing #ProcessPigs

If you follow my Pinterest Board, you would have noticed among the 13,000+ pins, a large amount of pigs being pinned. You might remember last year at about this time, there was a bunch of monsters being pinned... That was to prepare me for my Monster Mediums that are hanging in my room right now... and the pigs are preparing me for next year... 

I'm excited to introduce you to #ProcessPigs ! This is part of my Summer Goals for 2015.  I will be creating pigs with many mediums and many different processes.  I will be documenting the process and again, having the students learn about each pig created throughout the year as a warm-up.  The goal is to have students understand the what the word process is, but more so, to let them become excited for trying different process in art.   

My friends would laugh at me pinning or picking pigs as a subject.  I grew up on a farm and I'm not really an 'animal person' as you find in the suburbs where I live now.  I have friends who dress their dogs up, bring them to Starbucks, and let them sleep with them at night.  I have NO problem with this in anyway, shape or form... it's just so not me.  I enjoy the love people have for their animals.  Anyway, why pigs?  Because it starts with 'P'.  I don't have to be in love the the subject to be in love with the process.  

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