Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Preparing an Artist Trading Card

So how do you prep Artist Trading Cards?  Many times I will have cards prepped before class.  I have volunteers and myself cut the cards.  It is so important to have the correct size cards for a trade that in the past I have taken the task on myself.

This year I want my students to be a LOT more independent with their cards.  I want them working on these outside of class and if that is the case, I need to show them how to make cards on their own.

This video will be shown in the first month of school to my 4th graders.  After watching the video, I plan to have them move throughout the room creating several cards for themselves. I will have a station that only has rulers, and one that has cards to trace, and so on.  They will be able to prep many cards for themselves using different paper, and mediums.  Students will check them with me by measuring them to a 'model' card in order to 'test out' of this skill.

The second thing that needs to be addressed when preparing a card is the information on the back.  Students in my classroom will be adding a stamp to the back of each card that has the required information for the card on it.  Video below to address the stamp use and what all the information required is. 


  1. going to start artist trading cards in my classroom, where di you get your stamp?

    1. Here ya go...