Saturday, July 18, 2015

#ProcessPigs, Oil Pastels

Another Process Pig!!  This was really fun because I made it a bit surreal.  Do you know what surreal means?  Surrealism is a type of art that looks like it comes from a dream.  In your dreams images are kind of real, but kind of not.  For example, I made these pigs really round like a balloon.  They seem to be floating in the air.  The landscape looks real and pigs are real but you usually don't see pigs floating like balloons in the sky.  That's that part that makes this Surreal.

Before I made this artwork, I practiced making pigs.  I recorded the process of using oil pastel to make a pig.

When I was making the artwork you see on the wall, I took pictures along the way.  First, I drew VERY light to show where the pigs would be and the landscape. It's so light, you might not even be able to see the drawing.  Can you?

I started with the sky.  I was thinking of a sunset so I used peach and yellow for the sky.  After coloring the oil pastels, I blended the colors together.

It took LOTS of layers to make the landscape below. I used lot's layers of colors to make the ground.

Then the PIGS!! These pigs were a lot of fun adding all the colors and blending.  They each ended up with their own personality.

The final work of art was framed behind glass and is ready to hang up in the classroom.

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