Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#ProcessPigs, Using the App Brushes

I have anther #ProcessPigs to add to the series. This one is very special to me because it's created by my daughter, Matisse.  She is 7 years old and this pig took a LONG time to make.  She came back to work on it several times.  Overall, I think she put in about 2 hours.

Watch the process below!

Can you find the App Brushes?  Point to it!

Matisse first got her pig off from the a web search.  She placed the image in her Camera Roll and brought it into the app.

She used some different brushes and line variations. 

She also learned how to pick a color, but also how to create a color using the image that she downloaded.  It's amazing to see how many different colors are in pig.

The most important lesson that Matisse learned was how to use layers.  There is one layer for the pig picture, one for the outline, one for the color, and one for the background.  After the art is all finished. there is no need for the pig picture anymore,  she had pig Artwork instead!

GREAT PIG My Mini Matisse! 

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