Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What is an Artist Trading Card?

Flipped Lesson: 1, What is an Artist Trading Card?  

I plan to flip a couple of new lessons that will support ATC's.  Here is the first video to really explain to students what an Artist trading Card is.  Students can look at this video at home or in class.

I have created a Google Doc to support the learning from this video.  If you are presenting this lesson in class, I would suggest having students watch the 3:30 minutes after finishing have small group discussion on the worksheet questions.  If you are asking students to work on this outside of class as homework.  Print out the worksheet and have them answer the questions for a 'welcome slip' the next day.  It also has a QR code on the worksheet that will bring students to the video on their own device. Click here for the supporting worksheet.

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