Friday, July 10, 2015

'Off Brand' Flipping Your Lessons

For a period of time in my life, all I wanted was to wear the coolest clothes.   I wanted had the hair, mile high bangs in a spiral perm.  The braces, each month the bands would be new neon color.  The banana clips, scrunchies, the Hypercolor shirts, and Girbaud, stonewashed jeans.  I remember Zumba Pants coming out... Come on MOM!! I need them.

My Mom gave me some alright... home made ones. Ummm, they were a nice thought but, I wanted the real deal... they were the only ones that would do for a great diva such as myself.  I was totally bummed out (to put it in 80's terms)

These days I don't wear much that is name brand.  I wear what I like, and what does the job.  I'm totally layed back about my clothes. If it makes me happy, I put it on.

I went through the same thing with education.  When I started flipping videos I found myself saying I needed a lot to be successful.  I need software and hardware.  I needed lights, camera, and I'll provide the action.  I needed this really cool iPad stand or this tripod for my flip camera.  I needed it all...

Now, I've calmed down.  Technology is great, but can be hard to manage so the least amount of 'stuff' to be the most successful is what I want.  I wanted to share with you how to be creative with your equipment when flipping your lessons.  Take a look at this video to get a feel for my 'home space'.  I'm not able to record over the summer at school because there is summer school that is always hosted in my room... so I bring the job home with me over the summer.

As far as software goes, I most often use iMovie and Camera Roll on my iPad. Keep it simple.  I don't like to take a lot of time to edit (some time is put in for editing, but not a lot).  The more often I make my clips, the better I get and more efficient.

I used to need a lot of extra storage space for my computer and it would stop working well because I would put so much on it.  I use the cloud now... baby!  I store things on this blog (which I use as a filing cabinet that I share with the world).  I also put lot's of videos on youtube.  This is how I keep flipping my classroom low cost and simple, I'm creative with my resources, and use what is around me instead of waiting to purchase that perfect tool.  I also find that by not using 'special equipment' that student see that you can be creative when coming up with solution to problems.

Sidenote: I now know that because of my parents I'm as creative as I am.  Without them looking at life just a little different and wanting to 'make' rather than purchase is in me through and through.

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