Monday, August 31, 2015

Crayola Recycles Dried Up Markes!

I was reminded on Facebook of a project that Crayola does with dried up markers.  I have been saving up for this for a long time, I have lot's of markers saved to ship into Crayola.  Check out this post by There Is No Away talking about the program.

According to the website, this is how it works. Click here

This is a way for our school to show that we care about our environment.  We will collect markers throughout the school year and send them into Crayola to be recycled. I think the kids will be pumped about this opportunity!

Thanks for the reminder post to Fredericka Crosswhite who posted on the Art Teacher Facebook page for posting a reminder to this project.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!! I teach at two elementary schools, so needless to say we go through a LOT of markers! I never knew about this program, and I already signed up thanks to you! And the blog "There is No Away" is powerful!