Friday, September 18, 2015

1st Annual Summer Art Challenge Completed!

Last Spring I gave my students a Summer Art Challenge.  I want to update you on the results of this activity.  To refresh yourself, please click here for previous post.

So excited to share with you and celebrate the AMAZING art that was created for the Summer Art Challenge 2015! I couldn't be happier with the artist of Hassan Elementary.  It was so fun to have these kids come in for open house and share their creations and experiences with me.  This challenge did not have tons of students participate in it... however the ones that did were my most interested, perhaps even gifted in art.   These are students who would benefit from 20 hours a week of art class... They were more creative than I had imagined.  One of the biggest side effects that I saw from this challenge was the way it brought families together with art!  

When students came to my room for open house I took their with picture of how many art challenges they did.  Then I celebrated their art and adventures and on the way out they left with a creativity pack.  Take a look at the following slideshow to see some of the students and their amazing artworks!


The following slide show is a copy of a student who turned in her documentation via google slides. 

As you may have read earlier, this summer art challenge was inspired by Art is Basic.  Be sure to check out what Marcia, Art is Basic author and K-6 Art Teacher in WI. had received from her art students from their summer art challenge.

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  1. Nice work, kids! I really love the radial design and also the google doc slideshow your student made.