Sunday, September 20, 2015

#DotDay15- Dot Stations

Slowly, slowly... I'm going to the TAB (Teaching with Artistic Behavior) side... OK maybe more modified choice, but I'm seeing the benefits and am excited to start sharing about the wonderful outcomes I'm starting to see already from using stations. For my K's, I choose to set up stations for the start of the year.  We as a school were celebrating #DotDay15, so I created several Dot stations for students to visit.

Who knew that bottle caps could be an amazing station? The kids played with these manipulatives in many different ways.  Their dots were so creative.  It was fun to see how they interpreted the instructions of 'making a dot'. 

The VanGogh dots were inspired by a post I saw on Lower School Arts at KinKaid.  I loved the idea and used construction paper crayons to create these little VanGogh Dots. 

These big collaborative dots were a hard concept for my K's here at the start of the year.  I will have a week that we just concentrate on collaborative arts... What it means to work together.  Instead, this project turned into learning how to use the markers, and each making their own dot!

I was amazed to see that some kids embraced the small, and others tried to go as big as they can.  It was important to work with these pattern chains right away.  They often become jump ropes, chains around a neck and then a leash, and sometimes a helicopter propeller... All well and good until someone get's hurt... so proper use of the chains were established right away. The chains are often one of the most popular play areas. 

Pulled out some buttons and was astonished with the colorful, and different dots that were made.  Some kids loved this station a lot and spent some quality time there. Others didn't bother. That is one of the big reasons I'm loving stations... I find it fascinating to see what the students choose.

Finally, I had a station for a 'dot on a stick'.  These dots were photographed and used as a formative assessment as well an aid to help me learn the students names.  These were the only dots that students took home.  I simply collect the 'dots on a stick' and handed them to the teacher at the end of the hour.  (see previous post)