Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#K12ArtChallenge, Week 1

Here we go now, Here we go now, Here we go now... (Yep, I'm singing DJ Kool in my head... or maybe out loud) It's time to get this party started! I'm giving you a couple of extra days on this first challenge.  #K12ArtChallenge wanted to bring this first challenge to you by the 1st of Oct.  I still plan to celebrate cards on Friday's (but not this Friday the 2nd) First celebration will be Oct. 9th 2015. Challenge two will be posted on the following day, Sat. the 10th.  

This week the focus is on Process.  Let's do some BIG ideas... I can't wait to see what your creative minds will come up with.  There is NO WRONG way to make your ATC!  Of course you will want to make the card traditional ATC size (2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch cards or 64 mm by 89 mm), but beyond that, it's up to you. Try something you have never tried before, or something you do every day.  Share your cards, and your processes on social media. Take a look at how and who to share it with by clicking here. So looking forward to this challenge. 

Here is a little 'movie trailer' I created to celebrate the idea of Process in this #K12ArtChallenge. 

Here are my 3 cards that I created for Process...

Danger- Beautiful Art Ahead: Process here = Gelli Printing, Print resist, Wax Pastels (see previous post) and topped it off with a label from my label maker.

What a Hoot: Process = Gelli Mono Print, Collage, Packaging Tape Transfer (see Youtube Video), Drawing the Owl (See previous post), and watercolor it as well.

Double Vision: Process = Gelli Mono Print, Collage, Packaging Tape Transfer, and Wax Pastels

I have uploaded all these card onto our ATC Gallery on Creatubbles.  I would love for you to do the same.  This is a great site guys and if nothing else, you can get a good feel for the site perhaps for use in your classroom.  If you are in our Artist Trading Card Swap, I would love to have you join us in posting you students cards on the site.  This is going to allow our students to communicate on another level.  It will let them comment 'in person' on each others artwork. Give it a thought and feel free to contact me, or the Creatubble team to if you have any questions.

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