Sunday, September 13, 2015

#ProcessPigs, Sign Design

Have you ever used a stencil before?  Did you know you could make one on your own?  Why do you think an artist would want to use  a stencil?

I created a stencil using heavy paper and a craft knife. I used it throughout the entire background of my canvas.

I went online to look for some cool lettering. 

I decided that I wanted a base for the lettering so I sprayed teal spray paint onto the canvas.  It took a lot of layers to make the letters pop out the way that I wanted.  I kept painting and letting it dry... painting and letting it dry... and painting... well you get the point.

The finals step was what gave this painting personality.  I gave the pigs details, eyes, nose, glasses, bow ties, hats and of course the tails! I'm happy with the final result!

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