Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Artist Trading Cards, Becoming more Global with Creatubbles! (with your help)

You have seen me talk a lot about Creatubbles lately in post on this blog.  I'm really digging it people!  I can't stop singing their praises.  And today they had a HUGE announcement.  I know there are some other Art Teachers that might have high interest in joining this movement... Are you one of them?  Today Creatubbles announced this...

With more than 6,000 passionate members in the Creatubbles Art Teacher Forum Facebook group, hailing from over 100 countries (and growing!), we see the potential for something really special to happen on a global scale.
Our dream at Creatubbles is to enable teachers and their students from around the world to connect directly, through creativity.  With the #CreativeGeneration Global Art Challenge we are looking for 5 teachers who are interested in taking a lead role in this mission.
Would you like to help connect children through creativity?  Do you have an idea for a creative project that can be turned into a gallery on Creatubbles?  Is it something that any teacher in the Art Teacher Forum Facebook group or elsewhere can join and participate in with their students?
Read more by clicking here... 
You know I'm all over this.  I really want to get my Artist Trading Card Gallery supported with this opportunity. Our cards are so amazing that I really want to share them with the world.  I have been adding some cards onto the gallery, but I would love to see more.  
Recently, I requested the ATC's swap participants (physical trade) to also participate in the digital version.  I also invited my #K12ArtChallenge friends to post their works on the Creatubble gallery that I have started.  A few have joined, but I think more will/should come and make this gallery BIG and BOLD!!  WHOSE WITH ME (now is when you pick up your paint brushes, place them in the air and yell, "I AM NIC HAHN!  I WILL JOIN YOU!").  Great!  Here's how you can.

  • Bonus Points, Start and account, post your cards to my Gallery... participate. 

This project is already amazing!  Let's make it more Global... bringing in more young artist from around the world.  Help me out people! 


  1. I have done acts in the past with my 7 & 8th graders. However this year I was unable to find a school. I was wondering if you could lead me in the direction of finding out more info regarding the global swap? Or possibly another middle school to swap with

  2. Hi! I teach elementary art in Egypt, and its seems I may be late getting on the bandwagon, but I would love to participate in a trade. Please let me know if it's still possible to join an ATC trade. I would love to connect my students to this global community.. Thank you!

    1. I messaged you on Google Plus with my email. Let's chat.