Saturday, January 9, 2016

Winter Hat Self Portraits

For this lesson, I used many of the same steps as my Kindergarten Mittens. Because we are working in stations (K-2) many times the same skill is practiced for the 3 grades with a different result.  Students worked on painting skills and for the 1st grade they were asked to create shapes and lines to make designs.

Patterns were created on small sheets of paper and this is what they used for hats and scarves on their self-portraits. 

Day two of this lesson... I used a very old video from 2011... Actually, it was fun to see that I have been flipping my instruction for this long.  It was even more fun to see how many times this video has been played for students.  It has always been a successful way to teach self-portraits to young students. I did this as a whole group activity rather than stations this day.

Students colored their self-portraits still on day two of this lesson.  They worked really hard to 'get rid of all the white spots'. 

Day three, students had a required station and that was with the 'extras'.  They cut out the hats and moved and added some of the 'extras' such as pom-poms, cotton balls, and yarn. They brought it to me for final inspection and I helped them mount and title the images. Ks and 1's always make the best self-portraits! 

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  1. Cute project! The kids did a very nice job with facial details!