Thursday, February 25, 2016

Digital #Crush

YIKES! I only have a couple more days of February and about a million more crushes for my #Crush Series!! 

Here is my digital tool #Crush, Canva!! Canva is a way for you to create digitally.  Create an advertisement, a promotion, a message... This website can be used to create beautiful images that will make people want to look at what you have to say.

In the circle of social media that I am a part of, I see it advertising Twitter Chats and promoting educators.  I don't think that was the goal of the website, but it's a way that I see it being used all the time. I use it for my blog.  I find that if I can create the first image of a post, make it beautiful, and maybe have a 'tag line' on it, it makes people want to look. 

The formats are beautiful and there is a layout for everything you could possibly want to create, a poster, facebook cover, documents such as a resume, Infographics... the list goes on.  When in designing, there are pre-packaged layouts that are stunning... however most of them cost a little.  I tend to look for the free formats, and create and change what I need too.  I do this because I'm and art teacher and have the skill, but also because I'm using it for my blog... and I don't' make any money off from this blog.  So free is good!

So far I have found this to be a very useful tool.  As I went to get some of the links for this post, I realized that there is also an app that you can get for your iPad.  I haven't tried this, but I'm am REALLY excited to give it a try. Thank you Canva... you are my Digital #Crush!

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  1. I have been using Canva for my open house signs and on my blog header too. Love it and your #crush series.