Thursday, February 11, 2016

New #Crush

This year Hassan Elementary welcomed in several new staff.  I was a little nervous to have such a turnover. Our school health clerk, a kindergarten teacher, two 1st grade, two 2nd grade, one 5th grade and a music teacher.  All of them are new... and young.  

Yep, I'm not the young teacher anymore.  I have stepped into a new role.  I remember when I was young... I said I would never be like 'those' teachers.  You know the ones.  The ones who say no, have a negative attitude, leave the minute that contract time is done.  

Well, I get it now.  After watching cuts be made, I can see where teachers don't feel valued sometimes.  After putting your heart and soul into a new initiative only to have it be cut, I can see where teachers are resistant to new things.  After being practiced at your teaching craft, I can see where it's OK to prioritize and leave work on time to get home to your family... but I don't want to be the teacher I described in the paragraph above. 

I have found the secret.  Hold tight to the teachers you experience these trials and tribulations with. Stay close with the teachers you started your career with.  You have history, a wide perspective and a bond that you will never have with others. 

But surround yourself with new!  That is where these young professionals come in.  These new staff members surround my room.  I have all new teachers around me and it has encouraged me to make connections with these amazing people.  Each one of the people pictured above are engaged and excited.  They are giving their heart and soul to teaching. They are excited about learning and ask questions.  They are willing to bond and listen.  These professionals are in love with the kids they teach and it's so obvious.  I need to be connected with these gems.

So today's #Crush, the new employees of our school.  With their help, I will continue to be the teacher I always wanted to be. 

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  1. You have history, a wide perspective and a bond that you will never have with others.

    8th Class Result 2016