Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Organization #Crush

I have an organization #Crush on Alecia Eggers.  If you went to the AOE online winter conference, you know that Alecia is filled with many tips and tricks that can make your art room more organized and there for better for your and students. Even if you didn't attend the conference, Eggers has many, many, many articles online for the Art of Education.  One recent one is what solidified my #Crush. She suggested letting elementary kids get their own paint on a mobile cart.  What the What??? Let them get their own paint? They will make a mess, paint will be everywhere, I thought you wanted a more organized space Alecia???  Sure, I set up a station for my 8th graders to get their own paint but second grade? I don't know.

Fine, I will prove you wrong.  This is never going to work Eggers... I will take pictures and send you the Pinterest Fail! Can't wait.

The setup...

See the line on the floor.  That is where the students line up and leave room for others to get their paint.

I set up my cart.  I got the pumps, and gave them the demo.  I bought the cling wrap that was suggested in the video and I placed my paint trays on the bottom.  I had the brushes on the cart and placed a sign on it reminding 'A dime at a time'.  Here we go.

So it turns out she is right.   My students were rocks stars at getting their own paint. They felt empowered.  They were way better at this than my 8th graders. They cleaned up the trays and brushes as instructed.  I took the two items as they lined up for a 'ticket out the door' and all was clean and put away.  I put the cling wrap on (by the way, my favorite tip to this process is the cling wrap) and it was ready to go for the next day.  I could move it in the back room if I needed more space or leave it out... because it's on wheels.  Yep, Alecia is right, she is soooo right!  That is why she earned my organization #Crush this month.