Friday, April 8, 2016

Flipped Lessons on Stop Motion Animations

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm doing a trade with another Art Teacher this week.  My 3-5th grades are doing the same lesson.  They get a SHORT introduction of what stop motion is.  They watch a high tech stop motion example and a lower tech example.  Here is my ever changing playlist of what shown to the students. 

Then I give them a really short explanation of the app Stop Motion Studio.  I decided to video this instruction in case the teachers of RES would like to show their students it, or learn themselves.  I offered a staff development session this morning to the teachers of Rogers Elementary as well. 

Rogers Elementary is a STEM program, so many of the students are technology advanced.  After the first filming of animations, the students asked how they could save it.  I put it out there... well, how do you think we should save it.  They suggested sending to their Google Drive and sharing it after it's on Drive to their other teammates as well as me and their homeroom teacher. 

A coworker (Mrs. Wallesen) suggested that they share the videos with her and they watched them a second time in their homeroom class.  I loved hearing that, I loved that it was shared and celebrated!


Another amazing discovery that was presented to me was the fact that once something is placed on google drive, it can be added into Seesaw quite easily.  Mrs. Tobako, another coworker, explained that you click on the picture > send a copy > more > Seesaw.  Seesaw must be open however to make this work.  AWESOME... this allows students to take so much ownership on their education and presentation. 


  1. Great tutorial! I totally need to do one.

    1. I still teach it 'live' in class... but I want to make sure the kids can do it on their own after class.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. You are so good at that. It's inspiring! I try to comment more on other blogs because of you.