Monday, May 2, 2016

Reaching out to each other for help!

Obviously our stress at the end of the school year is a hot, HOTT topic. As I shared yesterday, I'm hosting #k12artchat this week.  I then noticed that #wiArtChat posted their chat for the month.  Hosting it this week is Jeanne Bjork (@Bellafiore3), one of my favorite art teachers from Wisconsin.  Her topic is 'How do you stay strong and inspired until the end of the year?'.  Yep, the same subject that we will be talking about on Thursday. 
Then I get an email from The Art of Education from Amanda Heyn, Senior Editor of AOE.  She talks about what to do a the end of the year with your students. She gives an idea of making sketchbooks. 

When I went to the AOE page, I found articles supporting this idea of preparing for the end of the school year by Anne-Marie Slinkman. Great tips and tricks in this article. (click here)

I recently saw a post from Jeanne Bjork as well using food to encourage her students to stay engaged.  Food works for me Jeanne... I bet it totally worked for your students! 
And then the challenges! Saw a post from Stacey Darpel @THSArtDepartment encouraging participation in a Photo Challenge.

The #k12ArtChallenge was posted by Alice Gentili (@monalisaliveshere).  She has a WONDERFUL post about the challenge, click here.  I downloaded the PDF, great resource for what to draw, if nothing else.
And an Instagram challenge with Cassie Stephens. She is trying to unite all the art teachers on Instagram (and if there is one person who could do that, it's Cassie) So here is her challenge.  Love that we are crossing all social media platforms.

So what does this tell me.  I mean, with all of us posting, tweeting, chatting about the same subject?? It tells me we need to do this together, we can get through the end of the year with grace, energy, motivation and enthusiasm. There is opportunity for support in so many places. Find what works for you, look a the resources that are out there... and if you know of more, comment and share.  

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