Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sushi- Games, Part 3

So we have finished the sushi plates, and fiber sushi rolls... now it's time to take these items home, but first, LETS PLAY!

The day the students got back their sushi rolls and clay sushi plates was a BIG day for every class.  I passed out all the clay and then the sushi.  I surprised my classes by also giving them some chopsticks.  The classes laughed as they learned how to use the chops sticks and practiced by picking up their rolls.  They played make-believe as they pretended to eat the rolls.

I played three games with them using the chopsticks and rolls.  This was a lot of fun for each class two and in my mind, it was working on some lacking fine motor skills that our students have today.  It also was team building as students had to work together. Take a look at the following video to see how we played the games. 

At the end of the hour (last 15 minutes or so) I asked the students to start working on the pre-plans for our next project. As they did that, I went around and wrapped all the sushi rolls, plate, sauce dish, chops stick rest and chopsticks in for easy transportation in the hallways and home.

It was such a special day and the kids went home feeling like they had a little gift all wrapped up.  This is a repeat lesson for sure.  I loved working on this project with my 3rd grade.

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