Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July: TpT Must Follows

To celebrate Teachers Pay Teachers #BestResourceEver campaign, I thought I would start a new monthly practice. I want to highlight three TpT stores every month.  I thought about doing this as I started getting feedback on my TpT Store (MiniMatisse).  It has been mentioned many times that there must be more visual art teachers doing TpT and sharing their work. So here we go, let me share my first 3 'Must Follows' on Teachers Pay Teacher. 

Painted Paper Art
I'm sure you have heard of Laura Lohmann from Painted Paper Art (such a popular art blog). She also has an amazing TpT store with great lesson plans and resources for teachers. She has recently put out the most 'Art Teacher Specific' planner I have ever seen.  It's a must have for sure.  This planner is jam-packed with amazing guides to help you plan your year.  She even has different styles for every art teacher's taste. Give it a look, I'm sure you'll love what you see. Click here for Painted Paper Art TpT Store. 

Purple Paintbrush
Purple Paintbrush is a new resource for me.  This New York teacher has some great lesson plans.  Her lessons seemed to be geared towards elementary level but I'm sure you could adapt some lessons to middle school. What caught my eye was her one-point perspective lesson.  Recently, I shared my self-paced, one-point perspective lesson on TpT.  It gives students choice at the end of learning the skills of one-point.  I give two choice lessons in the package, I also have an extension where teachers can add two more options to their students choice lessons.  This would be another great option for a choice project. Adding this one-point lesson owould give students more choice and they would be able to learn from a hard copy rather than the digital ones that I have created.  It gives students options for how they learn as well as what they make. 
Purple Paintbrush lesson could be used as an extension lesson for One-Point Perspective
Several months ago I was honored to present with Melinda Nguyen at a NAEA Webinar.  I've been a big fan of her blog for a long time.  Art With Mrs. Nguyen has many resources that she shares freely with Art Teachers all over the world.  She also continues to add to her Teacher Pay Teacher store with valuable lesson plans. 

Art with Mrs. Nguyen
Mrs. Nguyen also has a wonderful one-point perspective lesson plan that would be a great option for a choice project. click here

Be sure to follow all of these great Teachers Pay Teachers stores.  They are full of amazing resources. I will continue to highlight TpT 'Must Follows' once a month so if you know of a store that you feel is a great resource, let me know in the comments.

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