Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August: TpT Must Follows

This is one of my favorite new practices on this blog.  Once a month I'm celebrating the resources on Teacher Pay Teachers.  Today I'm really excited to share two bloggers that I admire so much and have followed and celebrated for years now. 

First, let me share Art is Basic. Marcia Beckett is the author of the blog, Art is Basic.  We have collaborated on a couple of projects in the past but I follow her blog to learn, learn, and learn how to teach!

I recently bought this Abstract Art Book for my littles.  I'm excited to add it to my lessons for this year.  Thanks Marcia!  

The other blogger I'm celebrating in this post is Hope Knight.  She just shared that she is in her 25th year of teaching... but I don't believe it.  Don't get me wrong, she is an amazing teacher who could only have gotten that way with ample experience. She just looks so darn young :) Hope is the author of Mrs. Knights Smartist Artist.  Again, Mrs. Knight shares so much to the art world.  I admire her! 

I was very excited to see this recent share on Mrs. Knights Smartest Artist TpT store. Our school is becoming a Seesaw school this year for kindergarten through second grade.  This is going to be perfect!! Thanks for saving me time Hope! 

The Seesaw is not the only purchase I have made from Mrs. Knight.  I also bought a "Make it! Planning and Reflection Sheet". Yes, Yes, Yes!! This is amazing. I can't wait to help my students think deeper using this printout. 

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  1. This is so cool! Thanks for this, and for being such an awesome blogger - I have learned a great deal from it and you!