Monday, April 24, 2017

Clay Bugs - 1st grade

I can't wait to write about our Art Teacher Exchange 2017.  Sue Davies from Rogers Elementary came over to Hassan for a week.  She taught clay because I'm allergic and I taught her kids Spheros. She did some great projects with my students and she was kind enough to share her videos with all of us.  

For first-grade students created a 'Clay-d-bug'.  We did these last year, but this year we changed it up just a bit. Here are the two videos that we shared with our students before the Art Teacher trade.  

As you can see... not all the bugs were happy.  Students were able to create variety in these little bugs.  After they were created, an adult put two holes through the pinch pot beside the head. The plan was to create the antenna for the little bugs.

I asked the students to paint using tempera cakes.  I discovered that the cakes pigment, when dry, rubbed off the bugs.  I didn't want this to be a problem, so I put a seal coat of watered down Modge Podge.  When finished, the shine on the bugs looked a lot like glaze. I will use this method again, I found it really successful! 

When finishing the bugs, we have been making the environment for them as well. I have done this in the past, Please take a look at the result (click here for previous post).  This year I'm using up all my odd materials in my classroom.  So we went outside and used some 'moon sand' that has been sitting in my room for years.  It was great to get outside (and even better to make more space in my storage closet)! 

There was a fixative that came with the kits, so I poured that on and let it dry overnight.  They turned out OK.  The kids loved the process! Could be a great Mothers Day gift to take home.

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