Sunday, June 25, 2017

Warm and Cool Cityscape

I saw this amazing post on Instagram by @pleasanthillartcenter and had to give it a try in my own classroom.  I chose to change the mediums, but this project was perfect for our warm and cool color concept.  A big thanks to Pleasant Hill Art Center, you have to check out their website and Instagram for more inspiring works.

I started this lesson my color wheel magnets (see previous post). The fist day I placed them on the board and explained the concept of warm and cool. We then did a pre-plan on practice paper of how we would draw the city for our design work. The practice was work was placed on a final sheet and then there was a quick review of warm and cool colors.  This time, I handed out the magnets and asked them to place the colors on the warm or cool side.  It's amazing how interactive simple tools like magnets can be for students. 

Here is how I brought the kids through this cityscape.

1. Draw a horizon line.

2. Draw four lines of equal length on either side of the horizon line.  I told them to imagine the horizon line was a mirror and they are trying to make the reflection the same on the opposite side. 

3. Connect the lines with a roof top. 

This is as far as I brought them with the drawing.  The next two classes were a review on color theory and painting.  I placed the paints at each table to create a station line setup.  Students would paint a section, leave their brush with the paint, and find a newly open spot.  Lot's of movement in the classroom this way. They first did the buildings. when I saw some were finishing up with that... I told them to join me on the carpet to explain how to paint the sky/water. So buildings first, then the opposite sky/water with the warm colors.

The second day of painting was much quicker and with fewer mistakes. Practice makes better :)

Now we are on class number four.  The painting is done and it's time to add the details. I gave students oil pastels to finish their work. 

The project turned out amazing.  Students were able to make the project unique with the details on their buildings. This was a perfect project for my second grade. Again, Thanks for the inspiration Pleasant Hill Art Center! 

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