Saturday, September 16, 2017

Art to Remember- K/1 Snails

We are starting off the year doing Art to Remember projects.  Art to Remember is a school fundraiser that allows families to purchase products with their student's artwork on it. I don't consider this a fundraiser for our school, but rather an opportunity for arts advocacy as well as a service.  I have this scheduled out to have products returned by the holidays.

I have done this little snail lesson before with K/1 and it was time to bring it back.  It's such a fun lesson. (click here to see the lesson the last time I posted) I have been running the project the same in many ways; Painting on day one, drawing on day two, and coloring on day three. I also have stations set up around the room to allow for some play and discovery around the idea of the snail. At each of the stations, I have created some clay snails for the littles to play with.

Here is how I used the little snails in the classroom. I also added a station with Snail books from the public library.  They were able to 'read to a snail' if they wanted. 

Here is the class in action! Early learners do such a great job with SHORT little lessons. That is why I show them how to draw in tiny groups for about 5-8 minutes.  Then I believe learning through play and discovery is the best. So setting up these stations is a blast for the kids.  Adding the snails increased the interest.  What a fun way to learn.

If there was extra time I showed the book Escargot. I am really bad at a French accent it turns out but The kids have enjoyed the book so far. As I went to post this book here, I noticed there is another version by Sophia.  She does a really nice job reading as well so I wanted to share both options here in this post. 

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